Jim Corbett’s India

gallery_wildlife9_newWorld Discovery’s Roy Davies writes….

“On a recent visit to India I was kindly presented on my birthday with a copy of Jim Corbett’s “The Temple Tiger”.  First published in 1954, this is a classic account of how the legendary hunter, author and conservationist came to the rescue of a number of villages in the Kumaon region of the Himalayan foothills that had been devastated by man-eating tigers and leopards for a number of years.   Given the scale of the terror in the first decade of the 20th century – it’s reckoned, for example, that the Champawat tiger and the Panar leopard killed between them a total of 836 human beings – you will understand why Jim Corbett came to be regarded as a hero!

Jim Corbett was born in the former British hill station of Nainital, and continued to live there for most of his life before moving to Kenya.  His books are thrilling and beautifully written, and are well worth finding. In 1936 Corbett went on to found the National Park that now bears his name.  Tigers still roam the forests of the Corbett Reserve but no longer threaten the lives of the local villagers.  It’s one of the more attractive Indian game reserves and has an incredible variety of birdlife, as well as the larger mammals and herds of deer.”

World Discovery have added a new 6 day private tour that can be taken as an extension from Delhi; it includes 3 nights at the wonderful Jim’s Jungle Retreat, including daily morning and afternoon jeep safaris in the Corbett Tiger Reserve, and 2 nights of relaxation in a heritage hotel overlooking Nainital Lake.  Jim Corbett’s India starts at £1125 per person and is available from November to mid-June.

Anglo-Indian hospitality in the Himalayan foothills

Exterior View 2Pragpur, India’s first Heritage Village, lies at the crossroads of history in the beautiful Kangra Valley at an elevation of 2,500 feet.  “Prag” in Sanskrit translates to pollen and in a way it well describes Pragpur which is filled with blossoms in spring.  The village of Pragpur was classified as a heritage zone in 1997 for the mud-plastered slate-roofed houses, ornamental tanks and the cobbled streets leading to the village courtyard of this seemingly medieval village.

Situated in the heart of Pragpur, WelcomHeritage Judge’s Court (pictured) is considered to be amongst the finest Heritage Country Manors; parts of property are over 300 years old.  There are 20 rooms including 3 cottages in the ancestral courtyard, and a multi-cuisine restaurant.

A historical experience with a journey back in time.

World Discovery features a 2 night stay at Judge’s Court on our Himalayan Journey tour.  Many passengers comment that they would like to have stayed longer.  As we are specialists in tailor-made holidays, this is not a problem!