The Wildebeest Migration arrives in the Mara

ImageIt’s the Great Migration time again at the Porini Lion Camp in the Masai Mara.   This is the time of year when several hundred wildebeest start crossing the Mara River.  Many wildebeest and zebra will also cross the Sand River while more spill into the Mara Triangle from the Serengeti across the border in Tanzania.

It may take days, weeks or even another month before we see the last of the Wildebeest make their way down towards the river in an attempt at the crossing. Do not miss out on the opportunity to witness this wonder.

We still have limited availability for the migration period so don’t miss out and book a safari to witness this amazing spectacle.  World Discovery’s Maasai Safari includes 3 nights in the Porini Lion Camp.

A unique safari destination within minutes of arriving in Kenya!

Your_room_at_Nairobi_Tented_Camp_jpg_620x420_crop_q85President Obama’s high profile visit to Kenya over the last few days has created considerable publicity in the media.  As a result, Kenya’s image has been given a positive boost and this should stimulate a renewed interest in going on safari!   The Foreign Office change of advice on Kenya’s beach areas should also help in getting tourists back to this fabulous destination.

Nairobi is the gateway to Kenya for most passengers and we thought we would highlight again the amazing Nairobi Safari Camp, which we recommend to all passengers who want to get into the spirit of safari the moment they land!

This authentic safari camp is the first and only accommodation to be allowed within Nairobi National Park – a vast 117 km-squared area of diverse habitats supporting a broad range of animal and bird species.

There isn’t anywhere else in the world like it; with sweeping plains on one side and Nairobi city on the other.

Nairobi-Tented-Camp-Kenya-001Nairobi National Park is a wildlife haven unlike any other, with virtually guaranteed sightings of rhino a reason in itself to visit, and Nairobi Tented Camp offers guests the opportunity to really get to know this unique destination and its wildlife. International visitors will leave Jomo Kenyatta Airport and within ten minutes start their wildlife encounter, with the last 20 minutes of their short half an hour journey filled with the excitement of their first game drive in Kenya!

This is the best choice in Nairobi for clients who prefer to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, and is a great way of extending any safari experience.

Prices are very competitive, beginning at just £69 per person per night sharing on a Bed and Breakfast basis including soft drinks, and there is a choice of extras (Lunch, Dinner, Game Drives).  Special ‘Game Packages’ are also available including Full or Half Board, game drives a visit to the Elephant Orphanage.


New Kenya e-visa for UK and Irish visitors

Masai dancers2The Kenyan Government has introduced a new e-visa service for UK and Irish travellers, effective from this week.  You can apply for the e-visa prior to your arrival in Kenya via the e-visa portal.  There is a two-month transition period, until the end of August, where you can either purchase your visa in person at the Kenya High Commission in London, at the Kenyan Embassy in Dublin or on arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi.  The e-visa will be compulsory from 1 September and travellers are advised to register for their e-visa application in advance.  Approval for the e-visa can take up to seven days.

FCO Travel Advice – Kenya

Good news for Kenya on another front – The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has lifted the non-essential travel advisory on all of the coastal area south of Malindi, which also covers Mombasa and Moi international airport. which are now no longer in the restricted zone – World Discovery has a range of Kenya Safari Holidays with beach add-ons.

Masai Mara – it’s not only during the Migration!

Wildebeest crossing in AprilGuests at the Mara Ngenche Safari Camp were on Tuesday 7th April treated to the amazing and much sought after spectacle of a wildebeest crossing from the comfort of the camp!

“Impossible in April!” you may say, and it’s true to say that everyone was pretty surprised.

This stunning spectacle took place much earlier than scheduled as the migration proper is yet to reach the Mara, and is courtesy of a herd of resident wildebeest which would normally have returned to the Loita Plains at the end of the last migration.  It was still in every way as spectacular as any of the crossings during the migration.

The superb Mara Ngenche Safari Camp is featured on World Discovery’s Kenya Lion Safari itinerary – 7 days from £2595 per person.

What’s in a name?

Why this camp was named Elephant Bedroom
20141209121019154_640_480_1_0Well, the site at which the Camp stands has long been known as a sleeping place for elephants. And Just to prove the point one of the resident elephants Samburu (Sam in short) who had not been seen for about a week and a half turned up at the camp yesterday at 5 in the morning. He seemed to be quite tired, as if he’d been on the move for a long distance. Without hesitation he headed to the back of tent 5, lay down and went to sleep. However the sun was a little hot for him as there is no shade in this area. He got up and moved to a shaded area behind tent 6 lay down and in a few minutes he was snoring fast asleep, much to the disbelief and amusement of guests and staff. After a one hour ‘power nap’, he got up and started wandering around the camp as usual, obviously refreshed.

The camp’s head Driver/Guide Julius points out that Elephants don’t sleep often due to their need to feed for long hours to attain the average food requirement of 200-250 kilos a day. He further observes that they normally sleep standing or leaning on trees during the day, for short naps. At night they lie down to sleep properly for between 2 to 3 hours, depending on how secure they feel in a given area. A number of bulls that are resident within the Elephant Bedroom Camp area often sleep lying down between the tents at night. This shows how safe they feel in the camp.

Stay at Elephant Bedroom Camp on World Discovery’s Kenya Escapes itineray – 8 days GUARANTEED DEPARTURES from £1199 per person

Governors’ Camp celebrates its 40th anniversary

Aris GrammaticasIn December Governors’ Camp in Kenya’s Masai Mara Reserve celebrated its 40th anniversary. The camp has come a long way from its humble beginnings. In 1972 Aris and Romi Grammaticas would spend every weekend travelling down to the Mara in their Renault 16 to explore the fabulous site they had found, peg out the tents and plan the camp. Aris was a visionary, his friends thought him crazy, telling him often “no-one will actually want to pay to stay in a tent”, but undeterred they persevered. Aris pioneered many of the special touches that safari goers enjoy in camps Africa-wide today and Governors’ grew to become a globally recognised and trusted brand, a benchmark for African safaris.

Aris developed the camp and his safari concept further, starting the first Hot Air Ballooning operation in a national park. Again his friends warned him not to go there and yet again Aris’ vision proved right and many followed in his footsteps with Hot Air Ballooning on offer in all major national parks today. Governors’ grew and he added more properties to the collection. Ever the ambassador, Aris brought the Masai Mara into millions of people’s homes worldwide through his collaboration with the BBC and their hit series ‘Big Cat Diary’ as well as many other wildlife films.

Aris made sure he always nurtured a good, close relationship with his community neighbours. He listened to their wishes, mediated their disputes and ensured that they saw a fair return for the tourism on their doorstep. Aris passed away in 2011 but his legacy continues through the camps he created, which has allowed so many to experience and explore one of Africa’s iconic wildernesses.

World Discovery’s Governors’ Safari starts at £2150 for 6 nights.

Wildebeest Migration Update 2

Today’s update from Governors’ Camp in the Masai Mara:

This week it has been all about the river crossings as wildebeest and zebra took the plunge and crossed the Mara River in their thousands.  There were dramatic scenes as crocodiles snatched a meal and wildebeest struggled to cross the mighty Mara River.  The migration covered the plains and there were wildebeest as far as the eye could see.  In these time of plenty with abundant prey around the big cats of the Mara have been busy raising the next generation and our guests have enjoyed regular sightings of Malaika the cheetah and her cub and the newest additions to the famous Marsh pride of lions.
There are still some tents available for this year’s migration season, so if you would like to come on safari and see this incredible wildlife spectacle then contact World Discovery to book your Governors’ migration safari.

Wildebeest Migration Update


Today’s update from Governors’ Camp in the Masai Mara:

In the last few days there have been some very good crossings on the Mara River. Yesterday many zebra and wildebeest crossed from east to the west at the main crossing points along the River. There are many wildebeest spread out across the plains surrounding our camps.  Huge lines of wildebeest were seen this morning filing over Rhino Ridge and towards Paradise Plains.  The lions of the area are doing well, there are two cubs up on Paradise Plains which are the same age as the new Marsh Pride cubs and the two large males are back on Paradise Plains, no doubt attracted by the large herds of wildebeest and zebra. And the male lion Morani has been mating with one of the young Marsh Pride females. Yesterday evening Siena another of the Marsh Pride females managed to tree a young male leopard at Lake Nakuru and the leopard was kept high up in a Teclea tree for most of the day, it had moved out of the tree by this morning.  People flying on the Governors’ Balloon have been enjoying spectacular views of the herds of the great migration.

There are still some tents available for this year’s migration season, so if you would like to come on safari and see this incredible wildlife spectacle then contact World Discovery to book your Governors’ migration safari.