Great News – Introducing the new Jordan Pass!

The Treasury 5We told you in May about the efforts, including waiving the cost of a visa, that the Jordanian authorities announced as a way of revitalising tourism to their country.

Jordan Holidays – Petra – The TreasuryThis has now gone a stage further with the introduction of a new Jordan Pass, which you can book online from just JD70 or approximately £64, and which covers the entrance fees to all the major sites in Jordan (a total of 40 attractions which are listed on the Jordan Pass website). There are 3 different passes, the only differential being the number of days on which you plan to visit Petra, Jordan’s premier tourist site (pictured).

As normally we include all the entrance fees in our website prices, we will be adjusting our prices to reflect this. It should lead to vastly more competitive prices as the total cost of the entrance fees would normally come to much more than the cost of the new pass (the entrance fee to Petra alone was higher!).

Look out for our new prices on the World Discovery website in the next few days, but in the meantime don’t hesitate to contact us if you want an immediate quotation for any of our Jordan Tours.

Jordan – warmth, hospitality and safety!

Letter of appreciationThis recent letter from a British tourist to the Jordanian Ambassador in London says it all.  Jordan may be geographically close to areas of tension and suffering that fill the pages and screens of the media but it remains an oasis of calm – a safe destination with fabulous sites to be seen and most of all an enthusiastic welcome from the Jordanian people.

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THEEB – Award-winning new film highlights Jordan’s Wadi Rum

304_cover_theeb.indd‘THEEB’  (meaning ‘the wolf’) – this new, award-winning, Jordanian film is being released by New Wave Films in UK cinemas on 14th August.

The film is directed by Naji Abu Nowar, born in the UK but of Lebanese descent. It’s set in the Ottoman province of Hijaz during World War 1 and was filmed entirely on location, mostly in Wadi Rum in Jordan, the same desert where Lawrence of Arabia was filmed. Theeb is a young Bedouin boy who follows his older brother on a hazardous journey to take a lone British soldier to a meeting point with his battalion but who encounters several hardships along the way. It’s a beautiful, and often moving, coming of age tale.

The crew of Theeb actually spent an entire year living with one the last of the nomadic Bedouin tribes to settle in a village in order to gain their trust and confidence. With the exception of actor Jack Fox, the youngest son of James Fox, the entire cast came from the village and, of course, none had ever acted before, so it is a great depiction of authentic Bedouin culture and Jordanian heritage.

The trailer for the film can be viewed HERE.

Wadi Rum is featured in most of World Discovery’s Jordan Holidays itineraries

New measures to boost tourism to Jordan

Entrance from the SiqEncouraging news from Jordan, a fabulous destination that has been trouble-free for many years but which has suffered from its geographical proximity to more volatile neighbouring countries.

Thanks to the efforts of the Jordanian Minister of Tourism & Antiquities, the Jordanian government has decided to implement certain measures that aim at increasing the appeal of Jordan as a tourist destination. These measures were adopted in a cabinet meeting last week (Wednesday April 29) and are expected to come in force over the next couple of weeks.

1.  Individual visitors who are booked through a licensed Jordanian inbound tour operator (such as those booked on a World Discovery holiday), and are staying a minimum of 2 nights in Jordan, will not have to pay for their visa, a saving of JD40 (£37.20) per person.

2.  A unified entrance ticket to all the tourist sites in the country will shortly be introduced, which will help bring down the holiday selling prices on all of our Private Journeys taking in the highlights of the country.

3.  Furthermore, passengers purchasing the unified entrance ticket and staying in Jordan for a minimum of 3 nights will be exempted from paying the departure tax of JD40 (£37.20) per person, which is currently collected at the time the airline ticket is issued.

Further measures are also being discussed.

Make 2015 the year for visiting Jordan, including Petra, the rock-cut city which has been voted one of the “New Seven Wonders of the World”.  World Discovery’s best selling tour, the King’s Highway – 8 days from £695 – is the perfect introduction to this fascinating land.


Jordan the first country in the Middle East to install Tourism Webcams

Jordan Holidays - Petra the TreasuryJordan has become the first country in the Middle East to install Tourism Webcams.  In association with the award-winning EarthCam, the Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) have launched a collection of live streaming webcams, with views of some of the country’s most treasured and visited locations.

The five cameras installed so far will give you live coverage of some of Jordan’s premier attractions:

Amman – the country’s capital.  Experience views of The Citadel, where excavations have uncovered Roman, Byzantine and early Islamic remains; a second camera will reveal sweeping views of the always active modern capital below.

The Dead Sea – the ‘largest natural spa on Earth’, famed for its rich sources of natural salts, sought after for their healing and therapeutic properties. This is the lowest webcam on the planet!

Aqaba – Jordan’s window to the sea.  Enjoy uninterrupted views of the Red Sea, with its rich and diverse ecosystem, home to more that 1,200 species of fish and boasting some of the world’s best scuba diving.

Petra – one of the Seven Modern Wonders of the World.  Jordan’s most valuable treasure, Petra is a vast, unique city that was carved into the sheer rock face by the Nabateans more than 2,000 years ago.

“This is very exciting for the Jordan Tourism Board, as Jordan is the first country in the Middle East to install webcams for tourism purposes”, said Dr. Abed al Razzaq Arabiyyat, Managing Director of Jordan Tourism Board. “This will not only show that Jordan is unaffected by the political turbulence that has been going on around the region, but will also showcase the beauty of the sites day and night.”

EarthCam’s Jordan webcams are available all day, every day, at no cost to the public. Experience Jordan with live views at

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Petra Celebrate…

Petra Celebrates 200 Years!

In August 1812, a young Swiss explorer, Jean Louis Burckhardt, having heard tales of a mysterious lost city near Wadi Musa, entered Petra’s famous Siq disguised in Arab clothing and discovered the astonishing Nabatean rock-cut citadel that has since become world-famous.  Next month the ‘rose-red’ city will be celebrating the 200th anniversary of its rediscovery with special events and tours.  Petra is the highlight of any visit to Jordan, so  if you’re planning to visit this wonderful attraction we recommend booking straightaway as there is heavy demand on accommodation (made more acute by the fact that the Crowne Plaza, nearest hotel to the entrance to Petra, is closed for renovation work).  World Discovery features a wide range of sample itineraries on the website, including the best-selling ‘King’s Highway’ – 8 days from £965 (excluding flights), staying in the 5 star Marriott Hotels in Amman, Petra and the Dead Sea.