Earthquake near Peru’s Colca Canyon

Colca-Canyon.peru_As you may well be aware, on August 16th an earthquake of magnitude 5.3 hit the Caylloma region, located in the southern tip of the Arequipa state.  Although the quake itself was relatively moderate, this particular movement appears to have taken place closer than usual to the Earth’s surface.  The consequence of this unusually shallow epicentre is a greater degree of disruption for the affected area than would typically be expected.

Please take note of the following information, for your own peace of mind and safety:

  • So far, the primary disruption appears to be affecting electrical pylons and therefore distribution; phone lines in some of the smaller towns of the region; a handful of irrigation channels; private homes, schools and a section of highway.
  • Specifically, the main tourist areas impacted by the earthquake were Chivay, Yanque y Coporaque.  Thankfully, World Discovery did not have any travelling guests in these regions, although we will keep track of all developments for trips in the near future.
  • The tremors have not affected the Colca Canyon or Arequipa itself, with most of physical damage being caused 10 km south of Chivay.
  • Lima, Cusco, Arequipa, and other important cities are functioning entirely as usual.
  • So far, the only temporary hotel closures have been Eco-nn and Aranwa.
  • Currently, all main roads and access points have been cleared in the region surrounding Chivay, Yanque, Mirador Condor´s Cross and Cabanaconde. However, at this early stage, we would advise caution if looking to travel to these areas.

Please be assured that World Discovery’s representatives in Peru are on top of the situation, aware of all developments, and will act accordingly.  The safety of anyone associated with us is our number one priority, and we will not be taking risks on any trips or any excursions.

The earthquake and its aftershocks have passed.  With this in mind, we feel confident that unless anything changes, no holidays or excursions for any of our guests will be affected in any way.  We will be in touch if this changes