Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge

Beluga 2Adventure at 74°N – Raw and Untouched

Calling all adventure seekers!  The unique Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge is a wilderness basecamp for those looking for the extraordinary.  Located on Somerset Island, Nunavut, this most northerly lodge in Canada is an all-encompassing arctic safari on the polar bear migration path.  Arctic Watch offers rare wildlife views and dazzling arctic landscapes, daily activities, all-inclusive adventure options, and some of the best beluga whale-watching on the planet.


Included, fully-guided adventure activities
Unique, iconic arctic wildlife viewing
A world-class beluga whale observation site
An immersive Polar Photography programme conducted under a 24-hour sun
Canadian inspired 5-star cuisine

You can book a week at Arctic Watch with World Discovery.  What’s more, if you make a booking at Arctic Watch by 30 April 2015 we’ll give you a special reduction of £300 per person!

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