Bugs Café Full of Creepy Delights

Bugs' CafeCAMBODIA – A new eatery simply named ‘Bugs Café’ has opened in Siem Reap to satisfy a desire for innovatively served insects –a snack commonly found across Asia. The recently opened café specialises in ‘insect tapas’, with former Casa Angkor Hotel operations manager Marjolaine Blouzard at the helm as co-owner of the establishment.

Responding to a growing demand from travellers looking for a single place to taste various insects, the café was set up and now serves everything from feta and tarantula samosas to Mediterranean feuilletés with ants, as well as dishes where the grubs are clearly on display. The green papaya salad is garnished with whole scorpions marinated in honey, ginger and lime juice. Making sure the dishes aren’t too scary, they also serve savory cupcakes and Danish pastries with them inside so the brain doesn’t make a visual connection.

Bugs Café offer a wide variety of insects prepared using traditional methods and modern cooking styles. The dishes are then pleasantly presented in a welcoming and friendly environment. The café also has an extensive cocktail and shake list to wash down the creepy crawlies.

E-visa Now Available For Myanmar

Smile 4On the 1st of September 2014, Burma (Myanmar) introduced an online e-visa system for travellers from 41 countries at a charge of 50 USD per visa. The process currently takes 5 working days and the validity of visa is for 3 months with a maximum permitted stay of up to 28 days.

Countries eligible for the e-visa include:

Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei, Cambodia, Canada, China, Czech, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea (DPR), Korea (Republic), Kuwait, Laos, Malaysia, Nepal, Netherlands New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America, Vietnam.

Those travelling from non-eligible countries currently need to apply for their visa at an overseas embassy.

For more information, click on: www.myanmarevisa.gov.mm

‘e-bike’ Around The Temples Of Angkor

e-bikesWorld Discovery can now provide a new eco-friendly way to explore the temples of Angkor.  The new green e-bike is a completely pollution and noise free bike that allows easy independent travel.  These handy bikes provide a simple solution to the issue many people have of navigating around the extensive temple site.  The e-bikes are supported by a battery to keep them going for up to 40km – after which they can be plugged in to any 220V outlet and re-charged.  To simplify the process, these power-assisted bike do not require a motorbike licence, though riders must be 16 years or older.

With air pollution a growing problem in the larger cities and towns, the e-bike will make a positive contribution to the environment by cutting CO2 emissions.  They are the perfect solution for travellers who are environmentally aware and want to help make a difference.  With minimum physical effort and pride in being environmentally aware, everyone can now explore the monumental temples of Angkor

The Contrasting Faces of Saigon

Saigon marketLeave downtown Saigon for a short drive over Khanh Hoi bridge towards District 4 and gain a different perspective of daily life in Saigon.  Separated by just a few kilometres – these two places are worlds apart.

We start in Ton Dan Street before taking to the side streets and alleyways to reach a tiny pagoda where guests can stop for a break. We then head to Xom Chieu where the morning market will be in full swing with buyers and vendors haggling over prices.  From here we drive to Tan Thuan bridge and District 7 for a walk along the river.  Lines of boats are docked along its bank selling fruits and produce grown in local farms from around the Mekong Delta.  Before heading back into the city a stop is made at Phu My Hung community, a Garden City with numerous parks and green spaces.  The entire community is encompassed by water and has a very different feel from that of Saigon itself.   This immersive programme really digs below the surface of life in Southern Vietnam, exposing the contrasting ways of life of its people